We focus on

Our main services

We are a team of experts who provide solutions to challenging problems in today's Enterprise applications. With a strong background in ERP applications, we are well placed to review specific business cases and advise on possible SaaS applications widely available on the market.

Contrary to how traditional ERP implementations where feature-rich functionality had very few external integrations, SaaS implementations with multiple vendors bring back integration gaps. We use our expertise in this area to help customers fill these gaps at early stages.

Database Expertise

Be it good old RDBMS or the new No-SQL with or without Key-Value Store backed databases, our team understand the fundamentals of data structures and operatons within this critical tier of any software application. Gone are days when we asked for hardware upgrade, horizontal scaling is the way.

Systems Analysis

Our Analysts drive businesses relentlessly by keeping in touch with reality and the demands of day-to-day processes to constantly improve on how we do business. They help form the foundations of new changes by defining what is required and also supporting varios teams throught various lifecycles.

Quality Assurance

In today's competitive enterprise market quality is the key differentiator. Our QA specialists spend considerable time to understand various methodologies including the popular ones such as TDD and BDD to help clients make testig a key part of their application development lifecycle.

Enterprise Architecture

Architects are the most sought after professionals whose responsibility spans length and breadth of any enterprise, when it comes to the subject matter. We encourage our IT Architects to engage with clients early in their programmes and help build teams to able to see their visions through.

API And Integration

Integration is the fuel for Enterprise, it runs throughout the system and keeps businesses ticking. Enterprise Service Bus architecture has been there for quite some time, but our experts are excited about API Architectures that are less rigid and leverages web services standards such as REST.