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Watch Out For Base64 Encoded API Secret Keys

Although not very specific to Mule, this post is a bit of a heads up to API users of Cornerstone and similar SaaS providers. It is becoming a very common API authentication design to use Session Tokens even though RESTful itself isn’t stateful. This design helps in avoiding to perform authentication checks for every request (which can create huge bottlenecks on Authentication Gateways).

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Subversion For Anypoint Studio On Mac

Anypoint Studio, as we all know, is a MuleSoft’s customized version of Eclipse IDE. It comes well integrated with Anypoint Platform (CloudHub) Runtime Manager. It will be nice if we can also do version control from Anypoint Studio. MuleSoft’s documentation clearly explains how to use Subversion with Studio.

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Web Service Consumer WSDL Location Issue

When using a web service consumer, we’re unable to use a property (defined in a properties file) within WSDL Location field. It complains saying it should be a valid URL or be a file in the classpath. This suggests that Mule expects only a URL that it parses to pull necessary information and hence populate other fields including service, port and address.

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Simple Flat File to Web Service

I thought a simple flat file to web service call would be very simple, but it just turned out not to be. Let’s still call it simple because in the end that’s all it is - we get all the data lines within a given CSV file sent over web.

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